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Schedule A Counseling Session

Rates & Insurance


We are a private pay office/indirect billing of insurance. If you have mental health coverage, want to bill them, insurance typically will pay/reimburse 20-100% of a session.  You pay us directly up front. You can submit a superbill (invoice which insurance requires),which we provide for reimbursement.  We can submit paperwork to your insurance company directly for you, just let us know and provide their contact info. We accept payment in cash, check and all major credit cards.


Session Fee(s):


  • Intake - IBSR Primer - Assessments, Treatment Planning-1st session:
  • Follow up-1 hour:
  • Couples Counseling:
  • Family Therapy per Person:
  • Specialized Stress/Trauma Focused Treatment (Full Versions of IBSR and IBSR Hybrid):
  • Sliding Scale Available


Cancellation policy


Please arrive on time for your session.

if you need to cancel a scheduled appointment notify us as soon as possible. Cancellations and missed appointments received less than 24 hours before a session are subject to a $60 charge.



*Additional Office in Arden, NC - Call Today 304-232-0230


Welcome to
Bodymind Institute-IBSR, LLC


We offer relief from stress, trauma, anxiety, panic, despair, addiction and unhealthy habits with short-term resolution focused therapy via onsite or virtually for individuals, couples, families and groups. We provide tools that are straightforward that clients can utilize in/out of our office.  Typically our treatment plan involves meeting for an initial 1-hour counseling session to discuss what's going on and decide how to continue to work together moving forwards. For example, we can continue to meet weekly for a few weeks to resolve any issues using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT or we may decide together that one of our other methods may be utilized. We all know everyone has stress. And stress can lead to unhealthy thoughts, actions and or behaviors.


The Bodymind Institute-IBSR specializes in comprehensive treatment with Integration Based Stress Removal, IBSR Primer IBSR (Full Protocol) our signature protocol, plus IBSR Hybrid, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), relationship issues of all kinds and more. Many seek our IBSR model. Sessions are available in person, online and over the phone for individuals, couples, families and groups Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.  Call 304-232-0230 to schedule.


Our onsite clinician is Judith Moolten, creator of Integration Based Stress Removal, IBSR.


Please Note

All of our counseling services are offered both locally on-site and remotely via Skype, Facetime, Hangouts and phone.



  • IBSR Primer
    The foundation for somatic and cognitive work. It is an abbreviated version of the full IBSR Protocol and introduced during the intake. The primer is most effective for those with little to no exaggerated threat response.

  • CBT and Communication Coaching/Counseling

    Effective approaches to help those who need to talk through issues, process experiences, life transitions and gain insight & understanding.

  • IBSR
    Linear Somatic Psychology approach that breaks the bodily reaction, autopilot behavior, stress/trauma bond and removes it. Clients that present with somatic symptoms - high arousal, anxiety, panic and fear are candidates for IBSR.

  • IBSR Hybrid
    Both body and cognitive memories simultaneously accessed, restructured & reprocessed within 8-linear phases.  Our IBSR Hybrid approach Is what typically follows an IBSR session "IF" the client still has any intrusive lingering somatic and cognitive material.



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Judith Moolten, PHDc

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