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About the Bodymind Institute-IBSR, LLC.


We are a Treatment, Training & Research Facility. We treat physical and mental health issues, emotional, physical pain, panic despair, stress, addiction, complex grief and PTSD; we train therapists & research IBSR.


Comprehensive Treatment Approach


IBSR Primer for individuals and couples who are struggling with communication, anger management, addiction, malaise, and anxiety!


IBSR Full protocol accessible to individuals, families or groups dealing with toxic stress, trauma, panic, complex grief who have tried every treatment under the sun and have found no relief!


IBSR Hybrid approach works with people who have never talked about their problems wish to discuss them while also removing stuck body patterns and behaviors!




Meet Our Staff & Some of Our Affiliates


Bodymind Institute-IBSR's clinical director and founder, Judith Moolten, developed IBSR after years of study, practice and training in cognitive behavioral therapy and somatic psychology.









Brian Orzolek, Training and Education Coordinator. Brian has a degree in Marketing and football from Ithaca College. He is an All American and all around good human being.  He has been working in education for the last 17 years. Brian is vital to our training and education of mental health professionals. He works alongside of Judith to make sure all operations from the ground up run efficiently.






Marjorie Macatee WVU Graduate student, Interning for us starting in 2017; Grant writer, Social Media and Businness Intern.  Writes for the Cheat Review, Associate English Professor at WVU, graduate of Hollins University.







London Maribel WVU student, studying Anthropology & Gender Issues is one of our gifted interns.  She has a warmth and depth of knowledge beyond her years.











Tifani Fletcher, Ph.D.., Assistant Professor of Psychology graduate of East Tennessee State University.  Dr. Fletcher has been an affiliate of the Bodymind Institute-IBSR since 2015. She has and will be presenting on IBSR research that she has collected collaboratively while assisting us and WLU.  She has a delightful presence and is a gifted professor. We are grateful for her assistance with bringing the IBSR protocol evidence based material out into the world. 
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What We Offer to You


We are a nationally accredited training, research and treatment facility, offering continuing education, research and counseling options across the globe. In addition we offer DVD training packages, supervision and certification for the most effective addiction, stress, trauma, panic, anxiety, relationship and depression treatment protocols available IBSR Primer, IBSR and the IBSR Hybrid.  We are a board-certified provider of continuing education and certification. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


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Supervision, Trainings and More

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Judith Moolten, PHDc

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Bodymind Institute-IBSR, Inc.

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