"Typically people come to us because they've tried talk therapy they've tried medicine and it's not working. They receive results in one session and also leave with a program to keep the stress at bay."  Judith

Day after an IBSR Session Audio


I had a client referred to me from another counselor.  She is in her mid 40s.  She was abused for about 5 years starting around age 10.  One of the symptoms of abuse she has had was a toothache.  It developed when she was a teenager as a direct result of her abuse.  For the next 20 or so years, she would have that toothache around the same time during the year.  Then the final 10 years, it was constantly there.  She visited all sorts of professionals to get rid of her pain.  She had extensive dental work done, to which all dentists and oral surgeons would tell her there was nothing wrong with the tooth.  They ended up pulling the tooth out and nothing could get rid of that pain.  Well, her counselor referred her to me for an IBSR session.  Her body was engaged even before I could finish my opening dialogue.  Her body had so much to work out that she needed to come back and finish the IBSR therapy because 2 hours wasn't enough time for her.  After everything was done, she reported back to me her toothache was completely gone.  It has been almost a year now since she had that session and she still reports no toothache.  She has had that toothache for almost 30 years, and IBSR completely got rid of it.

Evans, LCPC




“Saw rheumatologist last week about my Lupus. Told him since our session I have not had a flare up. Asked him to adjust my meds. I assured him my body was not attacking itself and I am better.”
Clara, client



“Three weeks before my IBSR session I was tested for ADHD.  As I told you I thought my quirky, randomness, motor constantly running was trauma related.  I took ADHD test again and my results came back as, “highly unlikely for ADHD.”  Sam, client




“I’m in my fifties and as a therapist who has studied gestalt and other therapies I have had the chance to also be seen by several therapists I have been trying to get over my issues with my dad.  I have had pain in my shoulder and head that was not going away.  After our IBSR session it’s gone.” Dan, Marriage and family therapist





“I wish I would have found you sooner.  I have spent 20 years with panic, depression and anxiety.  Been hospitalized twice with nervous breakdown. I have been on all kinds of meds. Nothing has helped me until now.  I have not had a single panic attack.  I’m not sad and I’m looking for work!” Darvon, client





“Body memories” are a real thing. I would feel an urge to cry, without knowing why – and it would always shut me down. I would be offered a tissue and asked why I was crying, and both would shut me down. With IBSR, I’ve learned to let myself “feel.” That’s not what cognitive behavioral therapy taught me, or society. I felt overwhelmed that traditional therapy wasn’t working. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity for an IBSR session.   Alexis, client





“I suffer from traumatic brain injury and had an IBSR session. I finally felt part of my brain wake up that had been shut down. This has changed my life.”   Maryanne, client





“I was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, a medical condition where a person sweats excessively and uncontrollably… I’m stunned and happy to state that I no longer sweat uncontrollably!”   Becky, client





“This treatment model is limitless, almost too good to be true. I am not overselling. I have been using this method for years now and have had no clients return after the initial session, unless they were not continuing their preventative maintenance. There is research and evidence to back up my claims. Plus, it has not only helped my clients – it has helped me. The treating clinician does not suffer from secondary trauma.”   Hahn, psychologist





“I’ve experienced a release of intrusive images and voices from the past that were just pounding in my head for months and years… I have realized I can now control my response to a stressful situation. I can finally confront other places of anxiety whereas before, I would purposely avoid because of my physical reactions.”   Chelsea, client





“Before the IBSR session, my client began each day saying, “This is a good day to die.” Today, my client said – for the first time – “This is a good day to live.”   Juniper, LPC





“I spent 10 years seeing an EMDR therapist. Although it was validating conversation, I had no relief from my 20 years of suffering from trauma until my one session in IBSR.”   Watson, client





“Within 24 hours, I felt as if I had shed a skin made from concrete. I felt brand new. The only way to describe my final outcome can be explained in one word – bliss.”   David, client





"I have a feeling that this IBSR session is what is going to help me tie everything together and become whole.” Ariana, client





“I was finally moving out of my parent’s house after 48 years and realized I hadn’t practiced my IBSR symptom management for a few days…the result was like I as back there in your office, starting all over again.” Dan, client





"With having experienced IBSR, one thing that's still very present is allowing myself to express tears when I feel the need too.  I knew 'crying was okay', but I didn't know it was important for homeostasis.  And until my IBSR session, I didn't realize how much I physically hold back my tears.  Learning to be able to understand of what’s going on with my body (newly obtained through IBSR), has given me the permission to let go of some of that pent up energy.  And to say "let go", I feel the need to address what I mean." Read more>  Joe, client





"Been dealing with stress for years. Doctors can't find why I have all these physical ailments and keep throwing medicine at me. I was highly skeptical about an Ibsr session. Money's tight. I discussed it with my wife who's a clinician and she said other than the claim of one and done in two hours the science is accurate so try it. Can't make it any worse. I did my session paid my fee and moved from nervous anxious fighting to being clear and hopeful." Bob, client


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